What Internet Speed Do I Need for Online Gaming?

The question “What Internet Speed Do I Need For Online Gaming” isn’t an easy question to answer. When you often play Online Games, you don’t want to wait for a response from the Gaming Server you are connected to. It’s important to have a good broadband internet connection to your Gaming Server. You don’t want to get frustrated when you sit behind your gaming console (Xbox360, Xbox One,¬†PlayStation Network etc.). But what are the exact requirements for Online Gaming?

Dial-up Internet Connection

One of things to consider is what type of internet connection you currently have. If this is a dial-up connection, you should look for a different type. For Online Gaming you can’t have a dial-up connection. Every game you play online will definitely not work as you expect it. So my advice is that you get rid of your dial-up connection and start to look for a good broadband internet connection.

Broadband Internet Connection

Internet Speed requirements for Online GamingIf you want to be serious with online gaming, and you probably want that, you should consider using a broadband internet connection. Most game manufacturers give you the advice of a DSL or Cable connection. But as you may know, there are multiple types of speed for these connections. So how do you choose the correct speed?

Depending on the type of game, you should have a minimum of a 1 or 2 mbps (megabits per second) connection. You could start with a ADSL broadband or ADSL2+ broadband. But if you have this speed, make sure you are the only one using the connection when you play. If someone else or another computer is using the same connection and is (for example) downloading large amounts of data, this will definitly influence your gaming experience.

Latency or Lag

Maybey even more important than your speed is the latency or lag.
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Game Streaming

There are multiple game streaming services and providers of online gaming, such as Sony PlayStation Network, Microsoft XBox, NVIDIA Grid Game, OnLive, StreamMyGame, GaiKai etc.

For the online gamers, you can read more about:

Help Others!

Leave a comment if you know the exact internet speed required for a specific game or know how to solve lag issues. In this way you will help others make the right choice. Thanks!

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